Susan Gidel Financial Astrologer

My Approach

I believe everything in the universe is connected to the energy of the universe. I believe the position of planets in relationship to when you, me and the markets entered the universe helps us go with the astrological flow in life, business, trading and investing.


My Story

I grew up with commodities in my back yard, on a farm that raised corn and cattle. Fascinated by what makes prices change every day, I have spent my entire career in the commodities business. First as a journalist, later at a brokerage firm. Studying astrology as it applies to the markets gives me the answers I’ve been seeking.

Meet the Team

I am a team of one, so when we work together, you tap into decades of

“been there, done that” knowledge about the markets and astrology.

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Susan Abbott Gidel

Financial Astrologer and Author

Susan Abbott Gidel is a financial astrologer and author who specializes in the commodity markets. With a Sun in Capricorn, she is hell-bent on finding practical uses for astrology—like trading, investing and making good business decisions. Her favorite markets are corn and gold.

Cryptocurrencies are quickly joining the list of favorites. Susan sees them as an expression of a life-changing economic paradigm shift that occurs  when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0 Aquarius at the winter solstice in 2020, and comes of age when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024.

Next Steps...

Intrigued about how to put astrology to work in your financial and business life? Contact me now to set up a 30-minute phone or Skype call appointment with my compliments.