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Want to know how planets in the sky could affect the markets? That’s what you find out every month in my “Red Letter Trading Days” newsletter, named for how special days were indicated on paper calendars back in the day–with big, red dates.

The newsletter is delivered each and every month, on the first. Sign up today, or risk missing out on the next big Red Letter Trading Day!



Your monthly subscription includes:

  1. A monthly overview at the beginning of each month, delivered via email.

2. Dates of upcoming Red Letter Trading Days, when the markets could be affected by planetary energy as expressed through current events and trader/investor decision-making.

3. My pick for the month’s Top Red Letter Trading Day.

4. A review of last month’s Top Red Letter Trading Day.

5. Day-before email reminders of each Red Letter Trading day.

Please Note: For your privacy and protection I use GDPR compliance. After you complete your registration for this newsletter, you’ll be asked to complete a second form that says I have your permission to store your email address, so that I may send you this newsletter every month.


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