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Take a fun, practical look at how using astrology in the workplace can give you an edge

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For a client appreciation event, team-building workshop, or conference program, take a fun, practical look at how using astrology in the workplace can give you an edge.

I’m especially fond of working with companies in the financial services industry, advertising, marketing or PR agencies, or in-house teams.

Each astrology corporate event can be customized to your goals, your company and your clients or team members. Count on my providing relevant handout materials, and a .pdf copy of any slide decks to attendees, all of which can be co-branded. Please contact me to discuss what you’d like to achieve with your event or conference, and we’ll put together something truly memorable.

Here are a few ideas on topics, but I’m all ears if you have others:

Mini Astrological Readings

Give your clients, team members, or tradeshow booth visitors a 15-minute reading of their birth chart. 

Requires birth date (month, date, year) and location; the exact time of birth is best, but approximate isn’t a show-stopper.

What’s Ahead for the Market?

Market prices respond to planetary energy, and an astrological outlook can be a valuable timing tool to be used in conjunction with other fundamental or technical analysis inputs. Choose from the S&P 500, gold, crude oil, soybeans, Euro FX, or 10-yr. T-notes—the markets I researched for my book, “Trading In Sync With Commodities—Introducing Astrology To Your Financial Toolbox.” Other markets are available upon request.

Astrology and Business 101

Learn how astrology can enhance business results through attention to decision timing, marketing, and team synergy.

Understanding your Boss

All you need is the company’s birthday calendar to figure out how your boss operates and how you can work better together.

How Mercury Retrogade can be your BFF

Meet each year’s three Mercury retrograde periods with a plan to put its time in “re”view to good use. Be prepared!

What do the Stars say about Our Future?

Take a peek into the future with a preview of upcoming cosmic trends that affect us all: Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual outlooks.




$1,500 + EXPENSES


$1,000 + EXPENSES



Chatting with the Stars

Monthly readings and quarterly events are done In collaboration with my dear friend and fellow astrologer, Sandy Rueve of Intention Beads.

Sandy’s a Pisces who specializes in questions of love, passion, creativity, times of challenge, or heartbreak. I’m a Capricorn who specializes in financial questions, business decisions, career moves, and commodities. And, we each chime in with our unique perspective, no matter the questions. Together, we’ve got you covered!

  • 30- or 60-minute readings on the second Wednesday of every month
  • Free monthly astrological outlook on Facebook Live
  • Webinar on current transits on the second Wednesday of every month
Check out our upcoming calendar, and book an appointment:

Financial Astrology Speaking Appearances by Susan Gidel

Getting up in front of an audience and talking about my passion—financial astrology—is something I simply love to do. I enjoy so very much sharing the insights I’ve discovered and the beauty of how the Universe works in mysterious ways right underneath our noses.

Here are the presentations I’ve done over the last few years—along with upcoming engagements—in both the United States and internationally.

To see more details about my previous and upcoming speaking engagements, please click on the title







Looking to lift your event to the next level?  I would be happy to help.

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