Personal Astrological Financial Consulting

Take Control of Your Investments and Business Decisions


Understanding how the cosmos is connecting with you on a personal basis is the beauty of any astrological reading. Indeed, the cosmos delivers messages in many ways to help in all areas of your life, from personal identity to family to love relationships, to health.

I focus on financial astrology consulting to help you understand what is happening in your financial life, including your natal promise for wealth, career aspirations and trading or investment capabilities. 

Here’s just some of the questions we can focus on:

  • Is my investment portfolio aligned with upcoming economic trends?
  • What stock or commodity markets am I most suited to trade, based on our horoscopes?
  • Is now a good time to buy or sell my home?
  • When can I expect peak earnings in my career?

A one-on-one financial astrology consulting session is based on your natal horoscope, i.e., where the planets were in the sky on the day, time and place you were born. That establishes the horoscope’s 12 house cusps, including those most significant for financial answers, including:

  • 2nd house—natal skills for earning capabilities
  • 5th house—speculative prowess
  • 8th house—the influence of other people’s money
  • 11th house—luck and career money


Throughout, we’ll pay special attention to planets that speak the most about your financial life. Venus, the planet that rules money, and Jupiter, the “Cosmic Santa Claus,” are always good to have in your corner in a special way. Mars and Saturn typically point out where there are challenges or lessons to be learned.

The final part of our financial astrology consulting session focuses on upcoming times that may be important for you to take action concerning your career or investments. This can be helpful with providing a roadmap for financial activities, or fodder for discussions with your other financial advisors. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate knowing when the Universe is ready to help as much as possible—either to move forward or hold back—and its specific deadline!


Your business has a natal horoscope just like you do, established when you first incorporated or first opened your doors for business. That horoscope is helpful in identifying keywords to use in your branding, and timing for corporate events, e.g., major meetings or contracts, mergers or sale.

As a former marketing director, I’m especially keen on helping businesses use financial astrology as a timing tool for marketing and sales efforts that can give your company an edge over your competitors. With a one-on-one financial astrology consulting session we can select optimum dates for website launches, marketing campaign kick-offs, speaking engagements, important sales calls and email marketing blasts. It can even come in handy with annual SWOT exercises.

And, if your company’s stock is traded on an exchange, it will have a first-trade horoscope chart (separate from the corporate horoscope) that is useful for timing potential price moves.




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