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Go with the astrological flow

Seasons come and seasons go. The tide rolls in and the tide rolls out. And, just as the Sun’s movement defines the seasons and the Moon’s movement influences the tides, so too do our lives ebb and flow with movement of the planets.

That’s what I love about my never-ending study of astrology. It helps me know where I am in the big waves of my own life and of the world. Is it time to put the pedal to the metal? Or, is it just comforting to know when “this too shall pass”?

In the markets, “when” is one of the most difficult questions to answer, and this is where astrology excels. My work with first-trade horoscope charts of leading commodity futures contracts convinces me that the markets respond to the astrological flow of the planets—particularly at significant trend changes—that can be calculated to the minute, years into the future. I believe astrology can be a valuable addition to anyone’s financial toolbox used to make trading and investing decisions.

Life comes with a roadmap—your natal horoscope—that says “you are here.” The same is true for each market you trade. And, for the world we live in. I’d love to help you discover how best to read the maps in your life so that you go with the astrological flow.


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