Financial Astrology 2020 Outlook - S&P 500

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Mark your calendar now for the 17 dates in 2020 that the S&P 500 could make a significant high or low based on astrological transits. Interestingly, several are connected to significant dates in the U.S. presidential election year calendar!

The 2020 Outlook for the S&P 500 includes:

  • How Saturn and Pluto are teaming up to transform business and government
  • Exploring the new economic paradigm heralded by Jupiter and Saturn
  • Where 2020 fits in the 45-year Saturn/Uranus cycle
  • Why recession could start in June or December
  • 17 annotated horoscope charts of the S&P 500 potential turning dates
  • Astrological details that support each potential high and low

what does 2020 have in store for the s&p 500?

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