2022 Financial Astrology Outlook Features U.S. Pluto Return

It would be nice to say that the tension and stress of the last two years magically lifts in 2022. Unfortunately, the planets are not yet delivering that message, particularly for the United States as it faces its first-ever Pluto return.

Indeed, the U.S. Pluto Return is the main astrological feature to 2022. Pluto is the furthest-out planet in our solar system and takes 248 years to travel through all 12 zodiac signs, so about 20 years on average per sign. In comparison, the Sun moves through one sign every month; the Moon moves through all 12 signs every 28 days.

So, when Pluto in the sky aligns with a planet in anyone’s natal horoscope in the same sign and same degree, it is a big deal and signifies transformation, which is Pluto’s calling card.

In 2022, Pluto aligns—for the first time—exactly with where Pluto was when the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. Pluto is “returning” to its position at that important moment, when our founding fathers created a new country. With three exact alignments in 2022—February 20, July 11 and December 28—the pressure to transform the United States will be at its most intense all year, then ease in 2023.

What does the U.S. Pluto Return have to do with financial astrology, you might ask. And, my answer is that it has to do with everything because Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign that rules business and government. How will the U.S. economy be transformed? How will U.S. stock markets be transformed? How will U.S. business be transformed? How will U.S. government be transformed? All critical questions for any financial outlook. And all questions for which we do not yet have answers because we are in the middle of this important energy shift. But, I will say that I believe that Pluto transforms to make things better, not worse. Pluto transformations are meant to help us let go of the old and worn out in order to make room for the new.

Beyond the U.S. Pluto Return, the planets this year also warn of other issues that are yet to be solved:

  1. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in April could highlight both inflation and recession.
  2. In October—where there is an astrological pattern setting up for a potential stock market crash—we also get a reprise of 2021’s main astrological focus, the Saturn/Uranus square that pits status quo vs. change in the final 25% of this 45-year cycle.
  3. On Election Day, November 8, the planets deliver a humdinger of a day filled with both clarity and forcefulness.

I’ve written more in-depth about all of these main astrological focus points in a special report, “2022 Outlook—Red Letter Trading Days.” It covers not only an overview for the year from a financial astrology point of view, but also a summary of each month’s outlook and individual trading days when markets could shift based on financial astrology.

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