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Retrograde Pressure Ignites

May 2020 Red Letter Trading Days newsletter. (All times Eastern) This month’s big astrological news is that three planets associated with the economy and money—Venus,

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Filled with Tension

(All times Eastern) For the first time since I began writing/publishing the Red Letter Trading Days newsletter in November 2013, all the planetary connections in

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In Like a Lion

(All times Eastern) There’s nothing like breath-taking downside volatility to usher in a new month of trading activity. The last trading week of February recorded

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Winter Hibernation

(All times Eastern) In the big scheme of things astrologically, February is a relatively quiet month. Mercury turns retrograde, Mars and Venus change signs, and

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Hammer Comes Down

January 2020 Red Letter Trading Days Newsletter (All times Eastern) One of the most significant planetary connections in more than 30 years occurs on Sunday,

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