Astrology and the 2020 Presidential Debates

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Where the planets are in the sky when three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate begin this fall can lend clues to the tenor of the evening. The flavor of these 2020 presidential debates also comes from how the planets connect with each candidate’s birth horoscope.

Throughout the 2020 presidential election season, the set of three slow-moving planets traveling through Capricorn—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—are opposite important planets in the candidates’ natal horoscopes. For Joe Biden, the Capricorn stellium is opposite his natal Jupiter, which indicates optimism, success and readjustment. For Donald Trump, the stellium is opposite his natal Venus and Saturn, which indicates a peak in love and material things. 

Following is my astrological take on how the 2020 presidential debates might play out. No winners or losers projected, just how I see the flavor of the evenings through my lens.

Presidential Debate—Tuesday, September 29, 9:00 pm, Cleveland

The kickoff debate could be either pleasant (with both candidates on their best behavior) or boring due to the sign of Taurus on the ascendant. The three planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) are all in the 9th house, so expect a focus on judicial and international affairs.

The day’s interesting turn is that Saturn, the cosmic authority, turned direct in motion earlier in the day and then makes an exact 90-degree square with Mars just hours before the debate begins. Expect tension between taking action to move forward (Mars) vs. staying the course (Saturn). It depends on your viewpoint and candidate how those two archetypal energies could be spun. Saturn, in its ruling sign of Capricorn, has the upper hand because Mars (also in its ruling sign of Aries) is retrograde in motion.

Trump’s natal Neptune—the planet of illusion and delusion—is conjunct the debate’s Sun, or identity. He could be expected to paint pictures of fantasy, try to elude and delude and perhaps appear overmedicated due to this transit. His Mars (action) is conjunct the debate’s Venus (money), so he likely will be forceful regarding his record with trade deals, the economy and stock market. With the Capricorn stellium in the event’s 9th house opposing his Saturn/Venus in the 3rd house, he could come under pressure regarding his communications concerning trade and international relations.

Biden’s natal Sun/Venus are in the 7th house and 60 degrees away from the debate’s Saturn, providing an opportunity to display leadership (Sun) via good working relationships (Venus) in international affairs. The debate’s Moon and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, which all by itself promotes good storytelling. Biden’s natal Mars and Mercury in Scorpio are trine the Moon and Neptune, so it could be easy for him to paint a picture of a more ideal country.

Vice Presidential Debate—Wednesday, October 7, 7:00 pm, Salt Lake City

Get out the popcorn and settle in to watch a war of words as the vice presidential candidates duke it out over whose boss would be better as President.

The horoscope chart for the start of this debate has Aries on the ascendant, which gives the entire debate its competitive, aggressive, must-win flavor. Adding strength to that is the ruler of Aries, Mars, right next door in the first house of identity. The VP candidates must be seen as sticking up for their guy and be willing to die on their sword for him.

This feisty Mars is at a 90-degree angle to Pluto in Capricorn, the planet that is on a mission to transform business and government. When the debate begins, Pluto is in the 10th house, which represents the top of the heap in a business or government. Expect everything but fisticuffs as the VP candidates fight to convince the audience why their boss is the best one for the job.

Presidential Debate—Thursday, October 15, 9:00 pm, Miami

With Gemini, ruler of communications, on the ascendant when this debate begins, it is not surprising that it is a Town Hall format, where the candidates take questions from the audience. Gemini rising also suggests that both the questions and answers will contain a lot of details. The problem is that Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, just turned retrograde in motion two days earlier. So, there could be mistakes in quoting the details, or having questions and answers misunderstood.

The gloves could come off regarding power, control and fairness (the archetypes of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, respectively) because Mars (aggressiveness) and the Sun (leaders) are opposite each other and both square to the Capricorn stellium.

Trump’s natal Jupiter (expansion) is conjunct the debate’s Sun (identity) and Moon (emotions), so look for him to be over-the-top emotionally and over-the-top in self-praise.

Like the first debate, Biden will have the opportunity to present his story and detailed plans as it relates to both international relations and domestic issues because his natal Mercury, Sun and Venus are 60 degrees away from the Capricorn stellium. However, watch for a potential outburst or upset from Biden because his natal Uranus is exactly aligned with the debate’s ascendant.

Presidential Debate—Thursday, October 22, 9:00 pm, Nashville

Similar to the previous week’s debate, this one also has a focus on talking and data with Gemini rising on the ascendant. Mercury remains retrograde, so there could be a rehashing of previous statements, trying to clarify previous statements, or mistakes in data and talking points.

What’s different vs. the previous week is that the Moon is out-of-bounds, i.e., beyond the path that the Sun takes in the sky. This means that emotions could be uncontrollable and that the emotions on display are completely unexpected. In addition, the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn this night, and sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto, which suggests that the candidates are either WAY in control of their emotions or WAY insensitive to emotions.

Venus is in an easy trine with the four planets in Capricorn, so the topics of discussion could focus on how to control two things that Venus rules—money and women.

Finally, this is the first day that the Sun is in Scorpio. With Mercury nearby in the same sign, secret information could be revealed.

In this debate, the spotlight is on Trump. His natal Sun, at 22 Gemini, is just 2 degrees from the event’s ascendant, which represents how the public sees you. However, his Sun is in the event’s 12th house, which can be like putting a bushel basket over the spotlight.

Biden is comfortable with the evening’s Scorpio energy because his natal Sun and three other planets are in that sign. Watch for Biden to be the spiller of secrets because his natal Moon is exactly opposite the debate’s Sun, which is akin to a Full Moon, when things come to light. 

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