Four More Years–Astrology and USA’s Pluto Return

As I write this on the morning of Election Day, I am glad that this tumultuous presidential election is almost over. But, astrology reveals that the tumult might just be getting underway because the United States will experience its first “Pluto return” in 2022.

Pluto is the furthest-out planet of the 10 that astrologers watch, with an archetype of transformation that is phoenix-like—the ability to destroy what is no longer needed in order for something new and useful to take its place. Discovered in 1930, in the pre-dawn of the nuclear age, it rules atomic bombs that can obliterate what currently exists. It also is assigned astrological rulership of things we like to keep hidden from view, such as sex, death, taxes, organized crime, mobs, and sewer systems.

In the natal horoscope for the United States that I use (the Sibly chart, set for 5:10 pm on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia), Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn (like it is right now), in the second house. The second house represents the country’s values, finances and resources. Capricorn represents the country’s government and business enterprises.

For the first time since the country was founded, we are experiencing—right now—the same Plutonic energy that riled up our founding fathers so much over taxation and religious freedom that they were willing to start a new country based on their values and fight a war to get what they wanted. Watch “Hamilton” again to get the drift. Compared to July 1776, we are in February 1775 this Election Day, 16 months away from the peak.

Pluto Return Dominates Entire Presidential Term

Pluto in the sky returns to where it was on July 4, 1776 on February 20, 2022, which numerologists among us might find interesting as 2/20/22. From my astrological viewpoint and personal experience, the vibe of a slow-moving planet’s return kicks into high gear when it is within 2 degrees of exact. For the United States horoscope, that two-degree window spans almost exactly the entire term of the president we will elect today—January 26, 2021 through November 24, 2024.

To me, this means that these next four years—no matter who is elected—will be focused on issues that the country’s Pluto return demand be addressed. What are our country’s values? What do we stand for? What are we willing to fight to protect? How should our government be structured? How should the country’s finances be organized? What role does private business play in our country? How do we value our natural resources?

Today’s election will provide an answer to the overarching philosophy that will guide that discussion. But, either way, there is no getting around the fact that the tumult is far from over on this Election Day. Our country’s Pluto return demands that we pull up the deep, dark, hidden muck that existed at its founding in the 1770s, recognize it, address it and discard what is no longer needed in order to rebuild anew.

How the Story Ends

I am optimistic about how this Pluto return story ends, and not just because I have Sagittarius on my natal ascendant.

First, the world is within six weeks of a paradigm shift in what we value. Based on the signs in which Jupiter and Saturn conjoin every 20 years, we are entering a 199-year period I call the Air Economy, which values ideas, cooperation and global community. We are leaving behind the Earth Economy that has prevailed since the mid-1800s, which valued physical things, manufactured goods and earth-borne resources, such as crude oil. Indeed, I find it interesting that an air-borne virus brought an earth-bound economy to its knees the world over in a matter of weeks earlier this year.

Second, Pluto moves on to the sign of Aquarius starting in March 2023. That is when Pluto starts to transform technology. Since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn, it has been focused on transforming business and government, and got started right away by delivering a global financial crisis. That job will be complete when, after a couple retrogrades back into Capricorn, Pluto enters Aquarius for a 20-year stay in November 2024. In our country’s history, this Pluto in Aquarius period is when the Constitution was written (1787) and George Washington took office (1789).

Third, I believe the Universe wants us to grow and expand into the future, not shrink and contract into the past. And, I believe that Pluto destroys in order to make things better, not worse, even though the path might be difficult and painful. For proof, just take a look at the big heart on Pluto, as first photographed by NASA in 2015.

Pluto has a heart, and only wants to best for us.

So, on this very important Election Day, take a deep breath and try to put the campaign tumult behind you. But, then take another deep breath and resolve to hang in there for four more years, until we get to the other side of this country’s Pluto return. There is much left to decide about our country’s future.

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