Astrology Points to Bill Daley as New Chicago Mayor

By Susan Abbott Gidel

Out of the 14 candidates for Mayor of Chicago in the February 26 election, Bill Daley looks to be a shoo-in based on my astrological analysis of six prominent contenders, including Gery Chico, Lori Lightfoot, Susana Mendoza, Toni Preckwinkle, and Paul Vallas.

To lead a city well, it is likely that a person’s natal Sun and/or Moon (based on the day they were born) are connected in significant ways to the city’s natal Sun and/or Moon (based on when it was first organized). That’s because the city’s Sun is its identity and its Moon represents its people. The mayor’s personal identity (Sun) and emotions (Moon) should mesh well with those of the city.

Of course, the Sun and Moon don’t tell the whole story, even though they are the most important. It also is good to see other positive planetary connections between mayor and city—generally the more the better—which indicates being in tune and working in harmony.

Chicago’s Natal Horoscope

I use August 5, 1833 for the city’s natal horoscope chart, which is when citizens first voted to become the Village of Chicago. This is in contrast to when the City of Chicago now celebrates its birthday, March 4, which is the day in 1837 that it received a charter from the State of Illinois.

But, I believe the 1833 date is solidly the one to use in astrological analysis for two reasons: (1) The Century of Progress World’s Fair was held in Chicago in 1933 to celebrate its centennial; and (2) the horoscope of the Chicago Fire on October 8, 1871 tells the story of that seminal event beautifully in its astrology, with Mars (fire) in Aries (a Fire sign) completing a Grand Trine with the 1833 Sun and Moon, also in Fire signs. The 1833 horoscope makes Chicago a Sun-sign Leo—bold, brash and a leader.

The Daley Connections

Bill Daley’s father and brother both have served as the Mayor of Chicago (for 21 and 22 years, respectively), but those are not the connections that argue for his carrying on the family tradition. His dad, Richard J. Daley, served from 1955 until his death in 1976. His brother, Richard M. Daley, was mayor from 1989-2011.

All three Daleys have significant natal horoscope connections to the 1833 horoscope for Chicago. For Richard J., it was mainly about his love for the people of the city, with his natal Venus aligned with the city’s Moon. For Richard M., it was about celebrating the city’s vision and international status; he had his natal Sun aligned with the city’s Jupiter, and his Moon aligned with the city’s Sun. For Bill, it is about enhancing the city’s power and identity, particularly because his natal Sun (August 9) is aligned with the city’s natal Sun (August 5).

Why Bill Wins

Bill Daley, former Chief of Staff for President Obama, looks to win the mayor’s race handily for two astrological reasons. First, and most important, is that he is in a period known among astrologers as a “Jupiter return,” which occurs just once every 12 years. Jupiter is the planet that wants the best of everything for you, and at a Jupiter return, it is returning to where it was in the sky when you were born. For Daley, this marks a new 12-year cycle of success, and is why it is practically inevitable that he will win the election. Second, though, is that on election day, Mars in the sky—the planetary action-taker—is exactly aligned with Daley’s North Node, the indicator of someone’s life destiny. Mars is often involved in triggering significant events as it makes connections with someone’s natal horoscope.

Lori Lightfoot Waiting in the Wings

Lori Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor with city administrative experience, might not win this election, but keep her on your radar for upcoming mayoral races. She was born on August 4, so her natal Sun is aligned with the city’s Sun. What’s more, her North Node (life purpose) is also aligned with the city’s natal Sun and at a favorable angle to the city’s Moon. Could it be her destiny to lead the City of Chicago? This year, on election day, Lightfoot could have a bigger-than-expected result, with strong support from women. But, Daley has the hard-to-overcome benefit of his Jupiter return.

Gery Chico Connects With People

Former head of Chicago Public Schools, Gery Chico’s natal Moon is aligned with the city’s Moon, so he is extremely sensitive to the city’s emotional vibe. His Jupiter and Venus, the planetary good guys, connect in ways with the city’s horoscope that would get things done and for the right reasons. Chico would be a good, solid mayoral choice. But, at election time, there’s no oomph for him that outshines Daley’s Jupiter return magic.

Susana Mendoza Mirrors Daley II

Interestingly, the way the planets lay out in Susana Mendoza’s natal horoscope compared with the City of Chicago’s are similar to the way Richard J. Daley’s do. Each have a Grand Trine in Earth with the city’s Saturn and Neptune, which means it is easy to turn vision into reality; each has a planet connected to the city’s natal Jupiter, which emphasizes the ability to expand the city’s influence. The difference with Mendoza, a former City Clerk, State Representative and State Comptroller, is that none of her natal planets connect in significant ways with the city’s Sun and Moon. She’s a good worker bee for the city—potentially connected with finances—but not its leader.

Toni Preckwinkle More Thorn Than Leader

Toni Preckwinkle might have a resume to support moving up the ranks to mayor from teacher, alderman and Cook County Board President, but her natal horoscope planets show she is more a thorn in the side of the city rather than its leader. Her connection to the city’s Sun is simply about her own power. And four other of her natal planets are 180 degrees opposite those of the city, putting her in situation where she would be constantly fighting and negotiating rather than working from a place of harmony.

Watch for potentially upsetting news for Preckwinkle on Saturday, February 23, as both her natal Moon and Sun are challenged by difficult planetary positions in the sky from traditionally difficult planets. However, if the news breaks between 9:11 am and 9:56 am (when the Moon is not making any connection to any other planet), she could escape serious damage.

Paul Vallas Likes, Not Loves

Another former head of the Chicago Public Schools, Paul Vallas simply does not have the natal horoscope connections to the city’s natal Sun and Moon that portend mayoral capabilities. However, he has great connections to the city’s Jupiter and Venus, and is ready, willing and able to help it grow and prosper.

Potential Run-Off Race

In the ideal astrological world, Daley and Lightfoot—the candidates who most closely align with the city’s natal Sun—would head into a two-way run-off election on April 2 (presuming none of the 14 candidates receive more than 50% of the vote on February 26). In that contest, Daley still prevails due to his Jupiter return. But, Lightfoot would get a lot of attention, and could tap into the female vote in a big way that delivers a tighter-than-expected outcome.

Here’s how the other candidates might fare on the April 2 run-off election day, if they make it that far:

  • Gery Chico has positive connections to helpful natal planets, especially the Moon and Venus. But, it may be hard for him to overcome issues from the past due to a Mars connection.
  • Susana Mendoza would get big support from established power-players, with Saturn and Pluto in an easy aspect with her natal Sun. Her female vote likely would be limited.
  • Toni Preckwinkle would do well with female voters, and just might pull off a Daley defeat, although his Jupiter return argues otherwise. The Moon and Venus on April 2 are activating a particularly sensitive spot in her natal chart that can deliver “fated” results. Like Daley on the February 26 election day, Preckwinkle would benefit from Mars activating her North Node (destiny).
  • Paul Vallas has too many difficult aspects vs. his natal horoscope chart to even imagine he would make a good showing.

Susan Abbott Gidel is a Chicago-based astrologer who specializes in applying astrological insights to financial markets and business decisions. She is the author of “Trading In Sync With Commodities—Introducing Astrology To Your Financial Toolbox,” and is Organizer of The Chicago Astrology Meetup Group. Susan can be reached at

© Copyright 2019 SusanGSays LLC

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