Let the Air Economy Begin!

My Favorite Day in December is Monday, December 21 because the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00 Aquarius that ushers in the new Air Economy occurs within hours of the winter solstice. This horoscope chart is set for the conjunction at 12:21 pm; the Sun had moved into Capricorn for the solstice at 4:02 am.

This day features the most significant astrological events of our lives because we are living through a paradigm shift in global values that has not occurred since 1842 and will not occur again until 2219.

In 1842, Jupiter and Saturn—the two planets that govern economic activity—began to make their every-20-year conjunctions in Earth signs. Thus, things of Earth had economic value, such as manufactured goods, resources of the earth (gold, crude oil), and paper money. Physical, tangible things had value.

Starting on December 21, we officially enter a 199-year period in which Jupiter and Saturn will make these conjunctions in Air signs. Thus, things of Air will now reign supreme in terms of economic value, including technology, ideas, intellectual property, individuality, equality and global community.

The shift’s significance is heightened by two factors: (1) that the conjunction is at 00  Aquarius; and (2) that the conjunction occurs on the same day as the winter solstice, when the Sun is at 00 Capricorn, one of four degrees that are considered “world points.” Events that occur at the world points are considered to have significance for the entire planet. 

So, take a moment on the solstice to consider the shifts in your life that would help you be in better alignment with the new, global Air paradigm and pledge to make small, steady steps in that direction for the rest of your life. And, look to the southwest sky just after sunset to see the Great Conjunction for yourself.

To learn more about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and its significance, check out the webinar that I did with fellow astrologer Sandy Rueve earlier this month.

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