Financial Astrology Points to Bitcoin High in December 2020

Bitcoin, which debuted on January 3, 2009, will experience two significant planetary connections to its first-trade horoscope chart from Jupiter and Saturn in mid-December that could signal a price peak that surpasses the record (to date) of $19,862. Those two planets continue to make significant connections to the Bitcoin first-trade horoscope into early February.

With Bitcoin less than $400 from surpassing its all-time high on November 25, 2020, I am most focused on its first “Jupiter return” on December 17, 2020 as a time when a new record high could be set. Adding to that potential is that the CME Bitcoin futures contract will be having its annual solar return, i.e. it’s birthday, on that same day. Like any birthday, expect much celebration and enthusiasm. (Remember, Bitcoin set its all-time high in 2017 on the day the CME futures contract launched, which offered traders an easy way to sell.)

Here’s the dates to watch and what those connections signify.

December 17, 2020—Transiting Jupiter conjunct Bitcoin Jupiter

This is Bitcoin’s first “Jupiter return,” which is a time when everything is grand and the future simply can’t look any brighter (Chart 1). In the markets, of course, that kind of excessive optimism can indicate that everyone who is bullish is already long, and there is nowhere to go but down. However, Jupiter returns also mark a new cycle of growth and expansion that can occur over the next 12-year Jupiter cycle. So, be on alert for significant underlying shifts that could support Bitcoin throughout the 2020s. Extremely interesting is that this is the same day as the CME Bitcoin futures contract has its annual solar return, emphasizing the day’s exuberance (Chart 2).

Chart 1–Bitcoin’s First Jupiter Return on December 17, 2020
Chart 2–BTC Jupiter Return on CME Futures Birthday, December 17, 2020

December 12, 2020—Transiting Saturn conjunct Bitcoin Jupiter

The peak in prices indicated by the Jupiter return could get the rug pulled out from under it by Saturn’s exact connection to Bitcoin’s natal Jupiter five days earlier, on December 12. Saturn takes 29 years to go around the entire horoscope wheel, so this is also the first time that it has been aligned with Bitcoin’s natal Jupiter. Saturn conjunct Jupiter portends a restriction of exuberance or a financial setback. We’ll have to wait and see if this pressure is enough to outweigh the bullishness of the Jupiter return just a few days later.

January 2, 2021—Transiting Jupiter conjunct Bitcoin Mercury

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expands whatever it touches, while Mercury rules communications. So, look for good news that results in big increases in trading volume.

January 3, 2021—Transiting Sun conjunct Bitcoin Sun

This year’s “solar return,” when the transiting Sun comes back to exactly where it was when Bitcoin was launched, occurs the day after Jupiter stimulates Bitcoin’s Mercury. Near previous solar returns, Bitcoin has tended to make a significant high or low. This year, take your clue from the previous day’s Jupiter/Mercury transit. Does the good news and big volume come at the end of price decline or at the end of price rally?

  • 2020—Solar return low on January 3 at $6873 to February 12 high of $10,474
  • 2019—Solar return high on January 8 at $4114 to a January 29 low at $3359 (then a June 26 high of $13,844)
  • 2018—Solar return high on January 8 at $17,224 to a February 6 low at $5963

January 11, 2021—Transiting Saturn conjunct Bitcoin Mercury

Saturn is the great restrictor, so this is when bearish news could appear, or when trading volume could be exceedingly low.

Crossing Bitcoin’s Descendant

These next two dates mark when slow-moving Jupiter and Saturn cross the 7th house cusp, or descendant, in Bitcoin’s natal horoscope, presuming the location of inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was in Dublin, Ireland. I like this location because it places first-trade Mercury at 02 Aquarius just 3 degrees from the descendant (7th house cusp) at 05 Aquarius, which gives prominence to the planet that rules markets in the sign that rules the internet. Also, they both tie in nicely with the Grand Trine positions of Jupiter, Mars and the Moon in the horoscope I use for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  

However, the degree of the descendant changes dramatically depending on what location one might pick for Bitcoin’s natal horoscope. In London, it would be 08 Aquarius; in Singapore, 03 Taurus; and in Tokyo, 25 Taurus. Importantly, I have not attempted to rectify the location based on market news and activity since 2009, where I would expect to see important events occurring as planets crossed the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses. Of those other three locations (all important world financial centers), I lean toward Singapore because that city experienced a total solar eclipse at the end of January 2009, suggesting important activities arising from that location.

January 14, 2021—Transiting Jupiter conjunct Bitcoin descendant

Jupiter enters the 7th house of relationships, so is set to expand the number of participants in the Bitcoin market and develop win-win relationships. IF the location of Bitcoin’s launch was in Dublin, then this will be the second time Jupiter has crossed this point in the Bitcoin horoscope. The first time would have been on January 30, 2009. With the London first-trade horoscope, this transit occurs about two weeks later, on January 26, 2021. These Jupiter transits would have occurred in 2011-2012 with the Singapore chart, and in 2012 with the Tokyo chart;

February 6, 2021—Transiting Saturn conjunct Bitcoin descendant

When Saturn, the restrictor, enters the 7th house of relationships, it signals the entrance of new long-term Bitcoin investors who could be long-term holders. It also could signify increased interest from institutional investors and governments—established entities that represent Saturn’s longevity. Saturn in the 7th house also could bring up restrictions from those who would try to regulate Bitcoin. With the London first-trade horoscope, this transit occurs exactly three times in 2021—March 4, August 20 and November 29. For Singapore and Tokyo, these Saturn transits will not occur until 2028-2029.

So, be alert during mid-December 2020 for a potential new record high to be set in Bitcoin as it experiences its first Jupiter return and the CME futures contract has its annual solar return. Then, watch prices in the first week of January 2021 for a significant turning point. Finally, watch for news of new entrants into Bitcoin in late January and early February.

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