Superb Start to Coinbase (COIN) Launch

By Susan Abbott Gidel

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Please click this link for the updated version of this blog post, which analyzes COIN’s first-trade horoscope based on its actual launch time of 1:25 pm ET.

When trading in Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN) begins at 9:30 am on Wednesday, April 14, it creates a first-trade horoscope that supports big success for an electronic trading platform with international influence and stability. From a financial astrology perspective, there is a lot to like about this first-trade chart for the stock of this cryptocurrency exchange.

The most prominent indicator of success for the Coinbase stock is that Mars (action) and Jupiter (good fortune) are in an easy, supportive trine aspect (sold lines/circles in chart above). What’s more, Mars is conjunct the first-trade Ascendant, and Jupiter is conjunct the first-trade Midheaven, in the houses that they rule naturally.

Mars in the 1st house for COIN provides vigorous energy that the world can see easily, so it is not surprising that the launch has the world’s attention. Jupiter in the 9th house portends international expansion and success. Also, Mars is “out of bounds,” which means its normal energy is supercharged and could result in phenomenal success from the start. Note that just four minutes later—at 9:34 am—Mars moves into the 12th house. If the launch were delayed by that amount of time, the Mars energy would do a flip-flop to become far more hidden and invisible, thus potentially creating a wrong first impression.

Mercury/Trading Dominant

Mercury, the planet that rules communications and trading, is dominant in the first-trade horoscope for COIN, which is ideal for a company whose business is to provide good information and swift transactions. In combination with the Mars/Jupiter trine, expect consistently high trading volume and liquidity in this stock.

The first way in which Mercury is dominant is that it is the chart ruler because the sign it rules, Gemini, is on the Ascendant (9 o’clock on the wheel). Second, Mercury is the final energy outlet for all the planets in the chart, with Saturn in its ruling sign of Aquarius as a helper that provides out-of-the-box solutions that are trustworthy and stable. Third, Mercury and Mars work extremely well together because they are in each other’s ruling signs (Mercury in Aries; Mars in Gemini) and are in a pleasant sextile aspect.

Power to Transform

Pluto in Capricorn is the planet whose mission is to transform business and government. Coinbase was founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2014 with a mission “to create an open financial system for the world.” In the COIN first-trade horoscope, Pluto is in the 8th house that represents “other people’s money,” in this case, Coinbase stock investors. Pluto is the natural ruler of the 8th house, which also represents death, in this case, death of the status quo for money and investing/trading. In less than 10 years, Coinbase has grown to 56 million verified users and has $223 billion of assets on its platform to become the leading crypto exchange in the United States.

Three other planets make aspects to Pluto—the Moon, at a 120-degree trine; the Sun and Venus at a 90-degree square (dotted circles and lines in chart above). The Moon/Pluto trine provides COIN with passionate investors who see the power in the company. The Moon represents the public, and in this horoscope is in its most favorite sign of Taurus, where its every wish is granted.

The Sun in Aries also is in its most favorite sign with every wish granted, but is in a square with Pluto, which provides tension and energy to harness transformational power. One of the very few negatives in the COIN first-trade horoscope is that Venus, the planet that rules money, is in Aries, a sign it dislikes, and just a few hours away from moving into its ruling sign of Taurus at 2:22 pm. Venus square Pluto typically signifies issues with debt, so perhaps at some point when this square is activated by transit, there could be issues with short-sale borrowing that could affect the stock’s price.

Other Positives

Several details in the COIN first-trade horoscope chart add even more positive energy to its launch. They include:

  • Sun sextile Mars provides an extra boost of energy.
  • Sun sextile Jupiter shows leaders who have the opportunity for business expansion with new ideas.
  • Aquarius on the Midheaven says the stock is known for its uniqueness, technology and global community.
  • Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is the highest planet in the chart (literally), which gives it added prominence.
  • Saturn, in its ruling sign of Aquarius, is the strongest planet in the chart and operating out of the 9th house and square to the sign’s co-ruler, Uranus. This connection harnesses the ability to create financial change as a responsible authority in a contained structure.
  • Part of Fortune in Cancer is conjunct the fixed star Castor in the 2nd house of values and income, so that the stock’s fortune is tied to the ability to tell a good story to the public. In turn, the public is represented by the Moon, which rules Cancer and the 2nd house cusp. Finally, the Moon is exceptionally strong in Taurus, the natural ruler of the 2nd house.
  • All the planets are moving direct in motion, so operating at full strength.

Planets, Points and Dates to Watch

As time moves on and planets progress through the sky, they will make transits to the positions of the planets in COIN’s first-trade horoscope that could change the price trend. And, there are plenty of significant ones in the COIN natal chart.

Three of these involve COIN’s first-trade Sun, Mercury and Venus, which represent the stock’s identity, trading and value, and typically are important points to watch in most markets. First, in the COIN first-trade chart, these three planets are at 19-29 Aries; the Sun moves across these degrees each year from April 9-19.

Second, the stock’s Sun/Mercury/Venus are tied to the company’s incorporation horoscope of January 27, 2014 in Delaware as the company’s natal Mars is opposite them at 21 Libra, near the stock’s Sun/Mercury midpoint. Watch each year near October 14 as the transiting Sun highlights this opposition.

Third, the company’s natal Mars at 21 Libra, i.e., its corporate energy and initiative, completes a Grand Trine in Air with COIN’s natal Mars at 24 Gemini and natal Jupiter at 25 Aquarius (solid lines in chart below). This formation is tremendously supportive of the synergistic energy and success between the company and its stock. Especially significant is that COIN’s Jupiter exactly conjoins the Coinbase Mercury in Aquarius, where it is exalted. This connection has big success in online trading written all over it. Watch each year as the Sun triggers any of these three points for a burst of trading activity, from February 10-14, June 12-16, and October 15-19.

Transits to the first-trade Moon also are often significant in many markets. And, in this chart, that is especially the case because the COIN first-trade Moon is not only opposite the position of Saturn in the company’s incorporation horoscope, but also at a sensitive point formed by the company’s natal Moon and Mars (dotted lines in chart above). This planetary connection suggests some sort of bearish feeling or effect coming into the marketplace with transits to 21-22 Taurus/Scorpio; the transiting Sun hits those degrees each year near May 12-13 and November 14-15. Two degrees later, at 24 Scorpio, is a sensitive point on the COIN chart that connects to the first-trade Sun and Mars; this degree will be highlighted by the Sun each year on November 17.

Finally, there is a sensitive point that connects to COIN’s natal Sun/Jupiter sextile at 25 Virgo. This point also creates a Grand Trine in Earth in the COIN natal chart with the Moon at 21 Taurus and Pluto at 26 Capricorn. The Sun passes this degree each year near September 18, triggering a heightened ease to the market’s intense power and passion from investors.

Of course, any planet transiting these degrees could trigger some sort of market reaction. Indeed, the transiting Moon hits them all each and every month! Because the Sun moves 1 degree per day consistently, it is easiest to note when the Sun will transit those degrees each year. Mars goes around the entire horoscope chart about every two years, and often can be a trigger to planetary sensitivity—and market action. Also watch when transiting Mercury and Venus cross these points.

In sum, the natal first-trade horoscope for COIN, the stock of Coinbase Global, Inc., is incredibly strong from a financial astrology perspective and portends a successful launch and long-lasting success.

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